Model range Eisberg Fitness 2021

Eisberg Fitness C19A

Recommended retail price: 350 €
The basic track. The main advantages are an affordable price and an ultra-compact folding system.
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Eisberg Fitness A-68

Recommended retail price: 440 €
The model basis is simplicity, reliability and ergonomics. It is designed for light to medium intensity workouts.
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Eisberg Fitness A-38 M

Recommended retail price: 500 €
Treadmill with manual incline adjustment. An excellent combination of price and performance for safe medium-intensity workouts.
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Eisberg Fitness A-38 A

Recommended retail price: 560 €
Excellent treadmill with electric incline adjustment. Workouts would be more difficult and varied.
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Eisberg Fitness Larsen M

Recommended retail price: 620 €
Medium-sized, reliable treadmill for intense workouts. Equipped with an efficient cushioning system and a powerful engine.
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Eisberg Fitness Larsen A

Recommended retail price: 680 €
You want it - you get it! Larsen A is designed for comfortable training with constant medium and intense loads.
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Eisberg Fitness Titanik

Recommended retail price: 990 €
Flagship model of the 2021. The most powerful and functional track with the perfect cushioning system.
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Гарантийные обязательства Eisberg Fitness
In Europe the official Eisberg Fitness guarantee is given to all treadmills of the model range. Guarantee applies to simulators purchased through the website of Eisberg Fitness or official dealers.
Warranty period
The warranty period for all treadmills of the line is 2021 — 2 years. The warranty begins to apply immediately after the purchase of the simulator in the dealer's store or after receiving it, if the track is purchased online. Be sure to inspect the simulator after purchase and the correctness of filling out the warranty card.
Our responsibility
During the entire duration of the Eisberg Fitness warranty, we are committed to eliminating all problems that are included in the list of warranty cases. If the simulator cannot be repaired, we undertake to replace it with a new serviceable model.
Official documents
When buying an Eisberg Fitness treadmill, the buyer receives a warranty card, instructions for the model and a regulatory document that lists the terms of warranty service and a list of warranty cases.
Always in touch
Если возникла поломка или вопрос, который вы не можете решить, сразу звоните в наш сервисный центр. Вы можете обратиться как по телефону, так и с помощью формы обратной связи на нашем сайте. Мы поможем оперативно устранить проблему.
Advantages of the guarantee
An official warranty is the best way to prevent any malfunctions and insure yourself against unpleasant surprises. Eisberg Fitness does everything to make the track serve you as long as possible. Thank you for choosing our product!
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